Robot Unicorn Attack 2

There are a lot of endless runners that really define what the series is all about. Games like the great Canabalt, to Burrito Bison and his misadventures as a luchador in candy land. The genre is, after all, very fun and addictive enough that it paves the way for other titles to try the formula and succeed with it. Of course, every once in a while a game will stand above the rest and prove that there are still a ton of tricks left to be explored in the genre. Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is the sequel to one of the games that made quite an impact during its day. So, how does the successor stack up to the reputation of the cult classic that features cool pop music and Unicorn androids?

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 Overview

Basically, the game is all about fulfilling your wishes, strange as that may sound. As you start up the game, it prompts you to push any button to start chasing your dreams. Like most endless runners, that is just the objective that sets the mood of the title. The rest of the theme comes from some pretty well designed levels and well-drawn scenery. It’s a huge step forward for the series as they change the models with more detailed unicorns and the environments look and feel much bigger. Of course, they still haven’t gotten past the care bear look of the series. Everything in the world looks like it belongs in a Care Bear acid dream, but that’s what makes the title game charming. As with the first title, there are only 2 buttons, which control the Unicorn. The first is a leaping action, which uses a rainbow as propulsion, and the second is a rocket like dash used to destroy stars, which are in your way. The little touches like the rainbows and the ambient music really tie the whole game together. Unfortunately, the Erasure classic ‘Always’ is no longer available in the game by default and this remains the same with ‘Battlefield’ by Blind Guardian. However, by paying $.99, you can implement the tracks into the game again. It’s a great big shame, but due to copyright the game wouldn’t have remained free if the developers left the track in the game.

Robot Unicorn 2 Game play

As was stated above, this game doesn’t have much in the way of mechanics. You have two buttons and a variety of platforms to get through. There are different elements within the game that give you extra points like the fairy, or through crushing a star with the dash attack. Since this is an endless runner, you should expect that the levels can go on for quite some time, but the title also benefits from new game modes. For example, the endless runner mode now has enemies to face, and on the main menu, there are new missions with specific objectives. This extends the life of the game quite a bit because the title can get a little old after a while. Robot Unicorn Attack remains one of the titles that defines ‘burst gaming’ because you can just pick it up and play at any time. At the same time, it doesn’t demand a lot of your time, so you can just as easily put it down when you’re tired of it.

What else is new?

Along with a few tweaks to game modes, there are a few additional mechanics thrown into the game that gives the unicorn a little more power. First off, there are a couple of new moves thrown into the Unicorn’s arsenal, and more of them are added as you progress through the game. There are also teardrops lining some of the paths you take in game. Those are used to enhance the Unicorn, and the upgrades actually do something when you stick them on. Following with the theme of its predecessor, there are also two different unicorns. One is aimed at the metal crowd, and the other is the defaults wish granting creature you’ve come to know and love. Lastly, they’ve also added an iAP, which offers the various upgrades you’d find in endless runners. It doesn’t impose on the game much, and is very optional during the earlier stages of the game.

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