Robot Unicorn

Robot Unicorn Attack is an absurd game, but that doesn’t stop it from being an extremely addictive title. First off, it’s probably one of the only games to successfully use a synth-pop track effectively in the gameplay. At the same time, thousands of gamers all around the world still have Erasure’s ‘Always’ stuck in their heads, which means it literally left its mark on almost everyone who plays it. If you yet to, now is the time to start!

First, before we start rambling on, lets acknowledge that the game is a little old, so those that have never experienced playing a robot unicorn trying to achieve their dreams might actually deserve this little blast from the past. Here’s a short review about RUA and how it has become one of the more popular games on the Internet.

Why the Hype?

Robot Unicorn

A lot of games tend to survive hype and anticipation until they are released. People talk it up on the forums, teasers and trailers pop up all over the Internet, and probably the most important one of all, the E3 feature. Advertising, after all, is a great way to spread the word about your game but a lot of the time, games don’t live up to the high expectations some may hold for them. The little friendly unicorn had no such thing to aid him and instead, grew from the Internet. In a way, this was beneficial for the game because it ended up becoming a huge hit among hardcore and casual gamers.

How does the game work?

This is probably one of the simplest games you can play online. The set-up is simple and pure; you have two buttons to control the unicorn. One button is used to shoot rainbows which catapult the little cybernetic abomination upward and over. The second is a vicious blast of colors that speeds the thing at such fast speeds that it can break the great stars that prevent the unicorn from getting to its dream. Basically that’s what it feels like, and overall the look and animation do back it up. The game is scored with a meter that runs constantly and starts to speed up as you run through the simple and random level. Breaking the stars which block the path and collecting the little fairies also rack up points. To spice things up, breaking stars or collecting fairies in succession will stack and add more points. The nice thing about that little scoring system is that it keeps things simple, which makes the game addictive.

Robot Unicorn Attack

If you don’t mind playing in a world that largely resembles a care bear universe, then this game is definitely a must play. However, if you’re not really into Erasure and their poppy stylings, then you might want to visit the Robot Unicorn’s brother. He lives in a world that closely resembles hell, and the look of the level really tries to emphasize that. The fairies are replaced with flaming skulls and the stars are now upside down pentagrams. However, it plays exactly the same as the first game, and in fact, it’s actually just a pallet swap. Always is replaced with Battlefield by Blind Guardian, so those with a taste for metal will get a kick out of the game.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2

Earlier this year, the original game finally got a full-fledged sequel, and it is a lot better than the first. Here, you start off as an adorable cyborg-unicorn and advance form as you progress and collect points. There are also new missions that you can embark on, and the standard endless run. At the same time, the Unicorn’s move set has also been upgraded with a slew of new weaponry to fight the enemies on your run. Unlockable content extends the game’s life by a lot, and since the addictive formula doesn’t change, the content is just icing on the cake. As for the soundtrack, well, there is now default music that replaces the tracks in the old game. This is a big shame because they still offer the option of adding the tracks, but you have to pay for them now due to copyright issues.

Should you play the Game?

This title should probably be the very definition of burst gaming because you can’t get sick of it, but you don’t want to overplay it. Instead, you’ll find your mind wandering back to the game once in a while, and you end up playing for another few hours. It’s funny, cute, and is probably one of the more strange titles in a line up that includes Super Meat Boy and Castle Crashers. That makes it a must play, even if you only take a few minutes of your time to play it.

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